How to get started with the API

Use the eCurring dashboard to add your subscription plans (products) through a simple interface. The subscription plans are fully customizable, for example:

  • Set the amount for each payment in a subscription plan
  • Set the interval for the payment (monthly, yearly, etc.), and on which day the payment should be processed
  • Allow SEPA Direct Debit and / or credit card payments
  • Configure automatic retries of failed direct debit transactions
  • Configure automatic payment reminders with a payment link by mail after a (final) chargeback
  • Configure automatic invoicing
  • Configure the mandate verification method (either through a bank payment, credit card payment, a confirmation email or a confirmation text message)

Once you've created a subscription plan in your eCurring account you're ready to create a subscription via the API. A subscription is a customer that has a relationship with a subscription plan (subscription_plan + customer = subscription).

Here's what a common workflow with the eCurring API looks like: